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Abiquiu, New Mexico Ghost Ranch is not in the village of Abiquiu, it is 14 miles north of Abiquiu, but a lot of us talk about Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu. It’s just a way of situating the Ranch in reference to its closest neighbor, a very interesting neighbor at that. If you stay on Highway 84 to Ghost Ranch you haven’t really seen the village of Abiquiu, only the outskirts. To see the village you must turn left at Bode’s General Store, curve around to the left and climb the hill past the back of Georgia O’Keeffe’s property. That road will take you to the plaza where you will find the centerpiece of the village of Abiquiu, the Santo Tomas de Abiquiu Catholic Church.

Remember the Abiquiu village is located on private land similar to an Indian Pueblo so please follow pueblo etiquette and do not take photographs of people or buildings without obtaining permission first.