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To Do? Or To Be?… That is the Question-Ghost Ranch Summer!

To Do? Or To Be?… That is the Question

If all the wellness experts are right, our goal for living a fulfilled life needs to involve more “being” and less “doing.” Sure. Easier said than done. But what if hectic schedules have become our master and most of us live under their relenting rule?

If you’re doing more and being less, consider this…. What if, for one total week this summer, you gave yourself the time TO BE, just be. At Ghost Ranch, our legacy was built on creating a space to simply be.

Here is where you unplug from technology. It’s where the beauty of nature takes you by the hand and gently insists you stop paying attention to everything else and listen to the wind through the canyon, rest your eyes on clouds moving over the Piedra Lumbre valley and feel the gravity of the earth while the Milky Way washes across the night sky.

Summer at Ghost Ranch is where family and friends gather for laughter, fun and new adventures. The kids truly get to enjoy the great outdoors instead of looking at it through the car window or the screen of their computer. It’s where adults get to paint, write, sing and explore that part that usually sits on the shelf waiting for the right time to come. It’s where your true nature awaits.

We invite you to join us for summer at Ghost Ranch. Slow down to the rhythm of play, rest, family and friends… and just BE.

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Beginning the week of June 16th through the week of August 17th, 2014, the following activities are included with your registration:

•Wellness Offerings
•Open Art Studio
•Coffee House Performances
•Scheduled Lectures

For a complete listing of all of our summer workshops, Youth Programming, Adult Service Corp, and Rest & Recreation opportunities, click here:

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